Meet Ashli.

Ashli Nixon

Ashli Nixon is the leader of Gold Collaborative and considers herself a master of the slash: she's a creative director / UX architect / web developer / content strategist / brander.

Ashli acted as the creative director at the third largest digital agency Columbus and currently serves as the User Experience director at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in addition to running Gold.

The beauty of this hybrid skillset is that she brings the right blend of left-brain creativity, right-brain strategy and a real talent for bringing it all together without the fuss and overhead of working with a larger agency.






Business strategy.

Market research.

User experience design.


Usability research.

Content strategy.

Search pptimization.

Social strategy.



It's fab to collab.

It sounds obvious to say that we love to collaborate with our clients, but we think it is so crucial for a successful project we included it in our name.

We do our best work when we go all in with you, our client, to understand your business. We want to get inside your world, live and breathe your business, totally understand your customers from the inside out, and be an extension of your team.




Does this seem as good as gold? Let's plan a project!